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Club Reina is a semi-secretive bar in Tokyo. As I will explain the place doesn’t even have correct signage outside of its location. You don’t need any passwords to gain entrance. But is certainly not the kind of place you would just wander into accidentally either.

There are prostitution information centers all over Japan. These fuzoku annaijo are staffed by guys knowledgeable about the area and its adult entertainment venues. They also have contacts with local shops and venues. So they can get information they don’t have. They can also contact a shop and ask them if it is okay for a foreigner to visit.


A good Japanese friend of mine recently heard about a denma kyabakura operating in the notorious Kabukicho section of Tokyo. This loosely translates to “vibrator hostess bar”. He had heard that there were some new hostess bars where you could use a vibrator on the hostesses. Needless to say we set out to look for them. But when we arrived in Kabukicho we were lost. There were no such shops to find. Guys at a few fuzoku annaijo told us they were all shuttered . Yet we persisted in asking around until we were finally referred to Club Reina by an enterprising young man.

Location and layout

Club Reina is hidden in the tangled web of streets that make up Kabikucho. It is located on the fifth floor of an otherwise nondescript building. There are some signs outside. But none of them say Club Reina. In fact, the sign inside the elevator labels the fifth floor bar as “Secret.” It is easy to see why!

secret hostess club in kabukichosecret hostess club in kabukicho

Inside the place looks like a well appointed hostess bar. It’s surprisingly large for a Tokyo shop of its kind. There are big comfortable booth seats spread around in a away that ensures everyone has their own privacy. Assuming there is anyone to maintain privacy from. During my visit my friend and I were the only customers in the bar. And this was at about 10:30 PM on a Friday night.

The one waiter we met was very attentive. He was also well dressed in a black suit. He brought us over a menu and explained the system. Or at least he tried to. As with most Japanese hostess bars there is a sitting fee for each woman. On top of that there are various options that are listed on a menu. Each has its own additional price. The bill is tabulated at the end. But we had to put down a deposit to start.

The women at Club Reina

As we were instructed by our guide Club Reina is okay with foreigners as long as they can speak Japanese and understand the system. But as it turned out even my native-speaking Japanese friend ended up being slightly confused by all the various options. The place is a hostess bar plus some.

As far as I know there is no lineup available at Reina. Nor is there any kind of photo book to reference. The waiter asks what kind of girls you like then does his best to accommodate. Customers can ask for a lady to be changed once they show up too. It is similar to most Ho Chi Minh City massage parlors in that regard.

The two women we saw at Club Reina were quite attractive. One was thin with a very pretty face. The other had a bodacious body with big round breasts yet she wasn’t fat or even chubby at all. Neither would have been out of place working at Tokyo Style. They were also both quite friendly and amenable from the very beginning.



Women sit with you in hostess bars all over the place. At Club Reina they also have a menu of other options. For example you can draw straws for a set fee. Whoever loses has to take off theirtop for a few minutes. And in perfect Japanese fashion they actually use an egg timer to make sure there isn’t an extra second of titty exposure.

Some options are more straight to the point. For example for a few thousand yen the place becomes something like an oppai pub. With a hostess on your lap you can kiss and touch her exposed breasts for a few minutes. Though again the old reliable egg timer comes out to track the seconds.

There is also a vibrator option. In Japan they refer to vibrators like the now famous Hitachi Magic Wand as denma. We originally set out looking for a denma kyabakura. And that is why we were referred to Club Reina.

The denma service is basically just what it sounds like. For a set fee you can use a denma on a hostess for a few minutes. This is done over the clothes. But since most of them wear short skirts this usually means working a vibrator over a thin pair of panties. Yet again time is tracked with a timer.

Prices and summary

I don’t want to give the impression that the staff are all cold and calculating clock watchers. Because the truth is that they aren’t. And they don’t even really watch the timer all that closely. So it is quite possible to get some “extra fun” off the menu. But even though it feels like a friendly place with full people on staff there is of course a charge for everything.

And what a charge it is! I usually try hard to track prices and fees so that I can accurately report on them here. In fact I may have even spoiled some of my own experiences by paying such close attention to these sorts of details in the past. But at Club Reina there was simply no way for me to keep up in real time and track all the various charges. What I can tell you is the total cost for my friend and I to sit with two pretty women in their early twenties, have a couple of drinks, and view and fondle some breasts over a thirty minute period. The check came to a whopping 62000 Yen ($571 USD)!

Now that is nothing to sneeze at. Even in a city like Tokyo which is widely described as one of the most expensive on earth. Karaoke clubs can cost a lot of money. So can kyabakura in Japan. Yet the places remain popular even though full sex can be had for less elsewhere. So there is something to them. But 62000 Yen for thirty minutes is a lot of money.

Club Reina in Tokyo is one of the most unique bars of any kind that I have ever seen. But it is also one of the most expensive. Although the experience at Club Reina cannot be duplicated anywhere else I know of the rates are simply too high to justify. With all of that in mind I give the place a star-and-a-half. It was a nice place to visit once. But I doubt I will ever return.